Give Us One Week and We'll Help You Do
One Million in Strategic Alliance Deals,

Presenting the first ever Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit.
Five days of deal making, leveraging time, money and influence.
August 20-25th, 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • scottsdale, arizona
  • 08/20/2017
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What is the Million Dollar
Strategic Alliance Summit?

Imagine an event entirely created for the participants to 
make money, rather than just the organizers.

Give Us One Week and We'll Help You Do One Million in Strategic Alliance Deals, Guaranteed. 

Leverage Time

Link up with people that have skills in areas you don't. Create partnerships to leverage your time & theirs on the spot.

Leverage Money

How many more people could you serve if you could have more money right now? Find partners at our Summit.

Leverage Influence

To serve many you need others introducing you to their tribe. Can you say five partners in five minutes? :-)



- Sunday, August 20th we spend the day ensuring you have what it takes to do amazing deals.
9am to 5pm, lunch included.

- Then Monday August 21st to Friday, August 25th 
from 9am to 1pm we do deals in
our structured deal-making sessions,
led by Frank & Tom

- Each day we have lunch together from 1pm - 2pm

- Then each afternoon and evening it's open for building high-trust relationships needed to ensure your deals get done.

- A special fun event in the afternoon on
Wednesday, August 23rd, off-site!

- best deal-maker awards at lunch
on Friday, August 25th

This week of deal-making ends 2pm Friday, but you're encouraged to spend the rest of the day to continue the
deal-making and start the execution part.

We require you attend the entire week for our amazing guarantee of results (see below).



For this first ever Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit, there is only one ticket, and it includes everything listed above.

All tickets are $5,000. $1,000 down, and the balance only when and if you sign one million in deals AT THE EVENT!
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What people are saying about our four previous Strategic Alliance Summits:

My experience is this is an amazing event and I’ve gained clarity in my business model and I feel like I’ve plugged into an amazing community and I’m so glad I made the decision to be here."

KJ Gardener Singleton Connect with KJ at www.linkedin.com/in/kjgardnersingleton

"I gotta be honest. I wasn’t going to come as I thought…that much time away from the office? I’ve gotta be generating revenue! But what I found ( and this is my first one) is that people are actually here to do deals! They come with a different mindset.  Otherwise I’d be chasing one person at a time at some networking event. Get yourself here because you’ll find people that will help launch your message out into the world!

Jane M Powers Founder of JaneMPowers.com

I was skeptical about what I was going to experience coming here but the kind and quality of people I’ve met here is amazing and now I’m actually fearful of the amount of business and deals I’m getting out of this.  I highly highly recommend you come to the summit!"

Mark Sullivan Founder of ProfitExecutive.com

"I’ve met so many fabulous people and one of the things I absolutely love about this event is the format. We’re given so much time to make deals, talk to people and create meaningful relationships.  The people and relationships I’ve created at the Strategic Alliance Summit are MUCH better than any other event I’ve ever attended.

Debbie Peck Founder of CrushMarketingGroup.com


All our events are held at nice resort hotels. This event is at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, with breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain, a spa and two big pools. Deals will be made pool-side for sure. 

  • Address
  • Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas
    6333 North Scottsdale Road
    Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 85250

  • Website
  • http://bit.ly/hilton-sas
  • Telephone Number
  • Call to reserve at 1-480-948-7750 or use the website link above.

Our Amazing Guarantee

Invest $1,000 and your travel costs.
Play full-on for the week.
And if you don't sign at least one million in Strategic Alliance deals, you don't owe the $4,000 balance of the ticket. 
- Frank Bria & Tom Matzen
PS Seriously, does it get any better than this?
PPS Yes, no fine print. You decide, it's that simple.

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